StopSkimmer® defies any skimming attacks on ATMs and self-service terminals.

With a permanent protective field, StopSkimmer®, the latest proprietary protective field technology created using a innovate silent radiator with an extended action radius, will not give any intruder a chance.

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SyVision® Resolving disputes regarding non-dispensing cash or the failure to dispense the full amount of cash entails a complicated and unpleasant procedure, especially in the case of a financial crisis. SyVision®, an ATM surveillance system, enables monitoring, controlling and recording video stream, as well as subsequently searching the video according to event, which enhances the efficiency of your video archiving.

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PBF GROUP — The first official distributor of premium POS-terminals Worldline in Russia and CIS.
Wordline POS-terminals significantly facilitate the work of small private shops, and large joint-stock companies. Our solutions allow you to accept payments in any place where they have the needed.

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Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Control defies any skimming attacks and offers intelligent networked capabilities.

Anti-skimming Card Access

PBF GROUP is the official partner of NCR in the distribution of banking equipment in the Russian Federation. Thanks to the status of an authorized reseller, PBF GROUP supplies and maintains banking equipment and multivendor software and provides ATM service.

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About Our Company

PBF Group was established in 2002 and is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of card fraud protection products, specializing in the provision of banking IT solutions in the field of acquiring equipment, the supply of additional equipment for self-service devices, and the comprehensive maintenance of the customer infrastructure equipment.

PBF Group is an official partner of NCR, which has 100 years of experience in financial, banking and trading activities, the world leader in the production and supply of ATMs and fixed scanners.

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New catalogue 2018 Security guidelines for ATM’s and cards


Providing security for clients is the primary objective of any bank. At the PBF GROUP, our goal is to provide banks, points of sale, and/or other financial organizations a full spectrum of complete and comprehensive solutions, which help to offer security and save their clients money.

  • Supply and implementation of NCR banking equipment.
  • Distribution and installation of StopSkimmer, the skimming prevention equipment.
  • Distribution and installation of SyVision, the video surveillance system.
  • Distribution and installation of Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Control.
  • Distribution and installation of BoxTR, the router for the banking equipment.
  • Activating and commissioning ATMs
  • Setup and configuration of POS-terminals.
  • Integration of POS-terminals PIN-pads with cash registers.
  • Maintenance and technical support.
  • Distribution of premium POS-terminals equipment from Worldline.
  • Distribution of POS-terminals and communication equipment from Verifone (Hypercom).
  • Distribution of Verifone (Hypercom) software.
  • Distribution and maintenance of NCR ATMs.

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