About Our Company

The PBF GROUP was founded in 2002 to provide professional services to banks and other banking organizations. Our company’s range of capabilities and our staff’s skills and experience is such that they allow us to contribute to such efforts at any phase, beginning with problem identification and goal setting to providing maintenance and technical support for all components delivered. We do not apply standard solutions – all of our products are the result of the proprietary designs of our professional team, which are suitably customized. You can be confident in the quality of our products thanks to our multi-level quality assurance procedure, which each of our devices goes through.

In 2002 , the PBF Group introduced a line of ConnecTR communication equipment for the transaction routing of Verifone (Hypercom) POS-terminals.

In 2005 , the PBF Group became the official dealer of Verifone (Hypercom), a leader in the development of secure electronic transaction technologies.

In 2006 , the Company, together with Raiffeisen Bank Austria, completed the transition to the new generation of Verifone (Hypercom) POS-terminals.

Since 2006  the Company has been analyzing ATM and financial POS-terminals protection methods, and developing a new individual video surveillance system for Opteva Diebold automatic teller machines without established video surveillance positions.

In 2010, PBF Group integrated unique technologies and researches in antiskimming device - StopSkimmer®.
Nowdays, more than 2000 units of has been installed globally and has a fast growing.

In 2012 we introduced Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Control.
Security and technical system benefits were developed with close cooperation with security experts of JSC Raiffeisenbank, based on large knowledge in skimming problems.

Founder and Executive Director PBF Group

Graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1970 with a major in radioelectronic devices.
Created various radio electronic device constructions.
In the mid 1980s, Mr. Fadeev became keenly interested in microprocessors and related equipment, which, in turn, led to focusing on automation within the banking sector.
In 1994, Evgeny Fadeev participated in the process of software installation and the adaptation of NCR automatic teller machines, which were among the first ATMs in Russia.
In 1996, Verifone (Hypercom), one of the world’s leading developers of banking solutions, opened the Moscow engineering office and Mr. Fadeev was appointed as Technical Director.
Evgeny Fadeev continued to work at Verifone (Hypercom) until 2002 and oversaw the implementation of many technical solutions during his term there. Mr. Fadeev served as Director General (CEO) during his last three years of employment with Hypercom.
After leaving Hypercom, Evgeny Fadeev founded the PBF Group.

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