EAST Published I Quarter 2019 First Fraud Data 23.04.2019

EAST Published I Quarter 2019 First Fraud Data

Since 2012 PBF GROUP is the EAST member and actively follows and analyzes financial crime trends in order to provide efficient security solutions.

20 countries attending the 47-th EAST meeting in Lisbon reported on fraud over the I quarter 2019.
Three countries reported on phishing attacks, such as acquisition of credentials and one-time passwords for cash withdrawal in ATMs; access to the clients’ computers and subsequent access to their bank accounts; SIM-card duplication for authorization of financial transactions.
Mal-wares and ATM logical attacks were recorded in 8 countries. It was said about usage (or attempts) of ‘black-box’ devices for authorization of dispensing banknotes.
14 countries reported on skimming attacks. One country reported on the first usage of mini M2 - Throat Inlay Skimming Device. Skimming attacks remain the most popular fraud type up to now.
Six countries reported on Transaction Reversal Fraud (TRF) и cash stealing.
8 countries reported on ATM breaking, 9 more countries reported on large-scale explosive attacks and this type of attacks extends, moreover, 4 countries reported on these attacks for the first time.
For further details refer to- https://www.association-secure-transactions.eu/east-publishes-european-fraud-update-1-2019/

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