Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Control

Defies any skimming attacks and offers intelligent networked capabilities.

Skimming is difficult to detect and card details will be copied with details used across the world with no immediate connection to where the card was skimmed.

Card skimming is a major global crime where the fraudsters will continue to find new ways of illegitimately extracting cash. Once captured, the electronic data is put onto a fraudulent card and the captured PIN is used to withdraw money from accounts.

Skimming is growing a world-wide problem.

Nowadays, increasing facts of skimming attacks on ATM Access Control Rooms. Criminals set skimming devices near or over ATM Access Control Swipe or Insert Readers to capture data from the magnetic stripe.

Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Control is designed for increasing safety and security of bank clients and to prevent access of unauthorized persons.

This system allows to cut building maintenance cost and to bring up level of comfort of bank services.

The withdrawal from readers in the ATM/bank access system cannot solve the problem, because intruders installs skimming device anyway and clients will use skimming reader and cards are skimmed.

Anti-Skimming magnetic stripe reader is designed for Track2 reading.

Available to order in two cases:

External — StopSkimmer Reader — OUT.

Internal — StopSkimmer Reader — IN.

What is
StopSkimmer Reader?

Anti-Skimming magnetic stripe reader is designed for Track2 reading.

What is StopSkimmer Reader Controller?

Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Controller is used to Management and remote Monitoring. You can update the ATM lobby door, open and close schedule times, download card audit trail, lock or unlock a location, update accept tables,manually check the status of all.

Software supports local and remote programming. Any number of controllers can be configured simultaneously on demand or by the schedule upload function, which allows batch programming to be performed during off peak hours.

and Benefits

Access to the ATM for plastic cards holders serviced at this ATM only.

Access limitation to persons, who do not have plastic card(s) serviced at this ATM.

Monitoring Motion sensor in the self-service area.

Control time spent time client in the ATM service area.

Flexible system configuration, available add-ins for any customer aims.

Option to connect controller to the internet with remote administration and configuration.

What is
Monitoring System?

Monitoring and Control server is a system of gathering, storage and presentation of statistics of Anti-skimming ATM Lobby Card Access Control network operation.

Features and Benefits

Real-Time alarms monitoring.

Data export into the other applications, report preparation.

On-line system info.

Safe storage alarms, when your internet connection, between StopSkimmer Controller and Server was lost.

Keep-Alive messages.

Remote update accept tables.

Remote programming.

Friendly GUI.

Available to use of low-productive internet communication.

Access of system administrators to information in compliance with the accepted delimitation of rights and security strategies.