BoxTR is a router for bank terminal equipment connections.

BoxTR ensures a reliable and secure connection. This device is fitted with a state-of-the-art controller for managing communication channels with the processing center, and provides for the simple selection of available connection types (Internet or GPRS with the option to activate two carrier service providers).

Features and advantages

  • Connection of various terminal equipment (ATMs, PoS, cash registers, and payment kiosks);
  • Large choice of interfaces for connecting terminal equipment (RS232, USB, Ethernet (IP));
  • Protected channel with backup option and an internal channel operation control tool that permits the automatic switching from the main channel to the reserve channel when necessary;
  • Dual Sim technology (to have2-SIM cards from various operators active at the same time);
  • Several ATMs and self-service terminals can be connected to one BoxTR;
  • The segregation of a bank payment network from public Internet domains through of separate Ethernet ports;
  • Data encryption with SSL algorithms, chosen by the client, and MAC data protection;
  • Remote administration and router software updating;
  • The small size of the equipment;
  • BoxServer counterpart. The system allows connecting from thousands of routers through one TCP/IP port. Each remote router supports a single cryptoprotected TCP/IP session (frontal system). The latter supports several terminal sessions running at once, monitoring and diagnostics data packages’ transfer, and the remote configuration of the router or corresponding software;
  • Competitive price;
  • Optional additional services in the Russian and English languages.