In a time of high volatility and uncertainty, all banks look for ways to cut costs. A cost-benefit analysis is required to reduce costs, lower risks and increase client loyalty. An automated video surveillance system enables retaining a positive attitude towards a bank while enhancing the bank’s image and prestige.

Resolving disputes regarding non-dispensing cash or the failure to dispense the full amount of cash entails a complicated and unpleasant procedure, but it does happen, especially in the case of a financial crisis. In particular, a cash shortage at an ATM can result from actions by a dishonest client, who takes some bills from the middle of the roll of bills and then allowed the bills to spew out, after which he claims that he did not actually receive any money on that occasion.

Investing in an automated video surveillance system can result in a significant reduction of unjustified payments to clients and, most importantly, it can improve a bank’s competitiveness - your bank. A prompt and clear solution to disputes is a sign of a bank’s importance.

The PBF GROUP offers innovative solutions for the banking video surveillance market

The SyVision video surveillance system for ATMs and Financial Terminals enables video surveillance recording and the subsequent search for videos according to event, thereby increasing the efficiency of video archiving.

Why the PBF GROUP:

  • The capability to equip any ATM from any manufacturer;
  • A wide range of ready-made solutions for NCR and Diebold Opteva ATMs;
  • Building systems using video recorders and video capture boards from leading venders;
  • A variety of options in terms of video surveillance systems;
  • Wide experience in installing the system;
  • On-site system installation;
  • Designs of all forms of decorative panels, colors, and with the bank’s corporate brand logos;
  • Can be assembled while in storage;
  • High speed and proven quality.

A range of turn-key solutions for NCR and Diebold Opteva ATMs.


The system components are placed inside the ATM given the presence of video capacity or with minor modifications, without any changes in the construction. There are various options for registration and video recording.

A system for local video surveillance (CCTV-closed circuit TV) and an external video recorder


  • An independent system that does not use the system unit’s ATM resources;
  • Easy-to-retrieve video archive;
  • The capacity for online monitoring;
  • The capability of recording audio information;
  • The quick removal of a data carrier to further study the information;
  • Various options in terms of the size of the video archive;
  • The ability to use the Digital Video Recorder(DVR) as a device in other systems.


  • The relatively high cost of an external DVR.
A local CCTV system with video capture card


  • The low cost of the system;
  • The reduced space and cost of mounting an external video recorder;
  • The capacity for online monitoring.


  • Use of the ATMs PC system resources;
  • In the case of a failure, the necessity to intervene in the ATM’s PC;
  • The size of the video archive is limited to the size of the ATM’s PC hard drive;
  • The complex service process.


To install the cameras at ATMs without camera capacity, the PBF Group developed overhead decorative panels of their own design.


  • The reliable performance of the panels and fixtures on the ATM;
  • The capacity to manufacture decorative panels made to order and of any shape and color;
  • The option to install the bank’s brand name;
  • Easy to install.


Components of the surveillance system may be located outside of the ATM in the BoxVision upper protective box.


  • Unique design, reliable performance of quality materials;
  • The existence of a regular place for the StopSkimmer;
  • The BoxVision color options correspond to ATM colors, the decorative vent perforation fits easily with ATMs’ design and customers take it as a whole;
  • A large obverse mirror glass is an addition to the rear-view mirror, producing a wider picture behind the client and improving safety;
  • The obverse mirror glass with the possibility of installing a portrait camera along the length of the glass, with an external support system, does not allow to squeeze the glass out;
  • The flexible performance of internal filling and fixtures;
  • A reinforced hinge arranged along the length of BoxVision with protection against being knocked out.